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Enterprise spirit:

Not ignorance people's livelihood, abide by the mission of sincere, mutual beneficial


Enterprise vision:
Contribute to environmental protection, safeguard environmental health.

Corporate purposes: Improve high-quality high-tech environmental protection equipment and solve environmental and ecological problems

Business mission:

Energy Saving and environmental protection, intelligent ion of our vision for the future.

Corporate culture

The company's research and development team was established in 2011

The company was formally incorporated and established in 2017.

In 2018, the first to respond to the "sewage treatment" policy to hold environmental protection activities

Winning outstanding projects since its inception in 2017

Shanghai Bao'an District Bai'an Highway Factory officially started construction in 2018

Innovatively launched the "wet garbage reprocessing system" in 2018

2018, Jielu reverses the traditional way of urban garbage disposal in China

The company's sub-brand can be officially launched in 2018 in the Lingdier kitchen waste processor flagship store.

Join hands with Chuangbao Bangbao Group to organize “Garbage Classification” environmental protection activities in 2019

It officially landed on the Science and Technology Board and won the Youth Innovation Award Year In 2018 .

Winning the Chuangkebang Wusongkou Pioneer Park City Point Project 2019

Invested in the establishment of the new sanitation company "Jie Mi" 2019

Landed in China Baowu Newspaper, China Science and Technology News, 2019

Creating a new model of rural wet garbage management in 2019

Take the project of Shanxi Changzhi Wet Garbage Disposal Station in 2019

Won the third prize of “Creating Youth” Shanghai Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

Development history

Employees are valuable resources for the survival and development of enterprises. Enterprises and employees are mutually respectful, trusting, encouraging and growing together. Jielu adheres to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, strives to provide employees with a superior working environment, achieves employee value, and achieves common growth. It is one of the company's strategic development goals.
The founder of the message
Create a new concept of high-environmental-oriented enterprises, truly achieve energy-saving emission reduction, resource recycling, through the continuous excellent environmental culture concept implanted in the heart, solidification and externalization, to ensure that enterprises achieve higher goals.
Corporate  vision
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